Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nine new mobile apps to prep for Oracle certification tests

On January 31st, I announced the release of two flash card mobile apps for the Oracle SQL Fundamentals certification exams 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-061. In the roughly six weeks since that date, I have been spending my nights and weekends chained to my laptop while I work to create more flash cards. As of this evening, I have completed mobile flashcard apps for eleven Oracle certification exams, including:

1Z0-034 -- Upgrade Oracle9i/10g OCA to Oracle Database 11g OCP
1Z0-050 -- Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators
1Z0-051 -- Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals
1Z0-052 -- Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
1Z0-053 -- Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
1Z0-055 -- Oracle Database 11g: New Features for 9i OCPs
1Z0-060 -- Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
1Z0-061 -- Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals
1Z0-062 -- Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration
1Z0-063 -- Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration
1Z0-067 -- Upgrade Oracle9i/10g/11g OCA to Oracle Database 12c OCP

I know that there were some people waiting on me to create a set of flashcards for the 1Z0-144 exam. However, I really wanted to get the administration and upgrade exams out as soon as possible due to the number of Oracle certified professionals affected by the recertification deadline that took effect on March 1st.  I will be creating flashcard apps for the 1Z0-144, 1Z0-047, and 1Z0-146 exams shortly.

Beyond the expanded OCPFlash exam content available, I have also released the apps to the Google Play store. Anyone who prefers to get mobile apps from there instead of Amazon can do so at this time. Use OCPFlash in the Google Play search bar to find all of the exams currently available. In addition, I will be releasing the OCPFlash series to the Apple store in the near future. At this time I have not yet been in a position to perform all-up testing of my app on an iPhone. I have several Android phones in my family... but no iPhones. The development environment the app was created under has the ability to compile the app for iOS. However, I do not feel comfortable assuming that everything will work flawlessly without having performed testing on actual physical hardware. As soon as it has been tested on an iPhone, I will get the OCPFlash apps out on the Apple Store and make an announcement here.

A note about pricing

When I created the first two apps for 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-061, they each contained 200 flashcards. In setting a price, I felt that $1.99 was reasonable for a mobile app and that figure also fit neatly with the card count (i.e. a penny per card). Many of the versions I have created since then have a larger number of cards, 225, 250, 300, on up to the monster that is 1Z0-067 which has 400 flashcards. I considered varying the price of the apps by the count of cards, but ultimately decided just to standardize on the original price of $1.99. Therefore, if anyone wonders why some of the apps are priced more-per-card than others, the answer is -- they aren't.  Some of the apps are priced less-per-card than others because I like standardized pricing. The OCPFlash card count for any exam will never go below 200, but may be higher depending on the scope of topics that must be covered. At that price, I am confident the vast majority of individuals who make use of the apps will consider it money well spent.