Friday, June 7, 2013

My article series on TechTarget

A bit over a month ago I contracted with TechTarget to write a series of articles for their SearchOracle division.  The articles that I have written for this blog and and other sites have been directed towards advising certification candidates about certification and career goals.  What I will be developing for SearchOracle articles is a series of technical articles written to cover Oracle certification exam topics. I am not writing the articles in any particular order and the exams covered will rotate. I will link to each of the articles from the relevant Exam Details page at as they are published.

At this time, the first four articles have been published.  I will be providing the next four articles to my editor shortly. If the series is popular, in a few months there will be a significant number of articles available to boost the amount of free materials available to prepare for Oracle certification exams. You can access all of the articles (as well as any I write in the future) from my TechTarget Bio.

The four articles currently available are:

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